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Enemy Within


Edgy Crime Retrospective
- Street History of Thatcher’s Britain
- Informed, Shaming, Thought-provoking

The miners’ strike, Thatcher’s Britain: a serial killer stalks young girls in a mining community. All are members of the Workers Revolutionary Party. Local detective Terry Acktington is seconded to the murder investigation team. Things quickly get complicated. Terry comes from a mining family and his brother is a WRP activist who idolises Zack-the-Hack, a confidante of party leader Gerry Healy. Worse, the more Terry starts to dig, the more his faith in basic state institutions – in particular, those organisations from the secret state ranged against the miners’ - is undermined. The hunt for the killer becomes a race against time when another girl is abducted and Terry needs to find her before it is too late . . .

author Roger Cottrell
ISBN No. 9780956037015
  300pp, B-format, PB
  to be published 1 March 2009
£ 9.99
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