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Too Little Too Late -
the politics of climate change


Asks why tougher policies are not being followed to tackle climate change and presents the arguments for the first time from the perspective of an elected politician. Colin Challen MP condemns the inability of political parties to form a consensus around a meaningful response and suggests ways forward. He believes that action will need to be bottom-up as well as top-down but fears catastrophe may play a role in shifting policies to a level adequate to the task. He warns against 'displacement' activities, such as building a new fleet of nuclear power stations, and calls for a massive expansion of renewable energy as well as personal carbon allowances.

Colin Challen is that rare animal: a brave, intelligent, parliamentarian who seeks no patronage. It takes courage to challenge your own government, let alone point out to the public, during a recession (!), the steps individuals must take if climate change catastrophe is to be avoided. This, however, is what he does in his book which Picnic publishes with pride. Given his challenge to Government, I suspect Prime Minister Gordon Brown may rue the day he remarked in the House of Commons of Colin: 'I know that my hon. Friend is an expert on these matters'. Yes, Colin is. This is why what he says must be taken seriously. Tony Blair, when Prime Minister, also recognised Colin's tireless efforts: 'I thank my hon.Friend for all the work that he has done in relation to climate change.' Colin does not want thanks but action. Before it is too late . .

author Colin Challen MP
ISBN No. 9780956037008
£ 9.99

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