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Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman in the House of Lords,
recently said of Brian Landers' superb EMPIRES APART: "I hugely enjoyed
Empires Apart. It's a phenomenal piece of research apart from the many
insights, which I wish were more widely understood".

Lord Newby also saw the US version of the book in "pride of place" in Barnes
& Noble near Grand Central Station.

Bravo Brian, well deserved.

Empires Apart

Matthew Bell, The Independent on Sunday:

‘ ................ Anecdotes of British culture being rebranded for the American market are legion – The Madness of George III became 'The Madness of King George' in case thickies wondered what happened to Parts I and II. But it still came as a shock to the historian Brian Landers when a vital swathe of his book 'Empires Apart', a comparison of America and Russia, was cut for the US version, to avoid hurting American sensibilities. "It's not anti-American," he tells me, "but they didn't like the parallels I drew with Russia. Funnily enough there's a bit where I compare the way the two countries treat dissidents: in Russia they put them in mental asylums or shoot them; in America they just don't publish them."

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The Ghosts of Eden

Jackie Bailey, The Waverton Good Read Award:

Last year I raved about The Ghosts of Eden. It is a wonderful book about twin boys growing up in Uganda. The author, Andrew Sharp, is a medical doctor and so it is packed with all those intelligent observations about life that doctors seem to acquire in abundance. The book ended up on my top ten of 2009 list...

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The Sleepy Ladybird