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Souza continues: “We could not be more proud of EMPIRES APART. With perfect timing, BRIAN LANDERS has written the first comparative history of America and Russia.

Using his unmatched professional insights, he examines the key role of US corporations in the evolution of the American empire - and why Russia followed a different path with identical goals. Uniquely, he explains how America moved from conquering territory to markets – and now is moving back.

“As for LAKSHMI RAJ SHARMA’S novel - it is a literary masterpiece. A sort of THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD from India. We have been pestering Professor Sharma to let us publish it for months.In the end, I think he said “yes” just to get rid of us - he is in the middle of organising Allahabad University’s international conference on the 21'st century novel and is, ahem . . . rather busy.

“We are simply delighted. THE TAILOR’S NEEDLE is lyrical, mystical, philosophical, hilarious, grotesque and compelling. Offering an intimate portrait of a Brahmin family during the last years of British colonial rule, and in a dignified reproach to a corrupt cadre who have failed modern India since, Professor Sharma sets out the ideals of sixty years ago. His novel is a final adieu to the ‘great Indian Raj novel’, as well as an homage to traditions that gave meaning to people’s lives. It is simply beautiful. We will not see the like again.”

CALL FOR PAPERS: ALLAHABAD UNIVERSITY, INDIA is organising an international conference on the 21^st century novel in Allahabad, 29 November - 1 December 2009. The seminar is open to scholars and researchers working on the novel. Their institutions will pay for their fare and the registration fee of $100. If they are experts, and if the committee approves their names, it will pay for them. Papers will be published. Presentation time will be less than the actual length of papers — 15-30 minutes. Thank you.

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Brian Landers posted on the Picnic author blog, 1 - 5 September 2008 >>
Brian has recently launched the Empires Apart website: www.empiresapart.com

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