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Emigre London
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Emigré London
1960 - 2000


A house, a London suburb & some old clothes: amour, 1960's fashion, escape from conflict and the world in a neighbourhood.

author Anonymous
photography Iain Bailey
ISBN No. 978055610561
price £ 17.99

London, fashion, social history, freemasonry, women's interest. Also giftbook


Girl on Top by Alexander Carysfort and David Brook

Girl on Top


Actor's lament to doomed love affair with a shapely woman: a narrative in erotic verse.

author Alexander Carysfort
photographer David Brook
ISBN No. 9780955861307
price £ 10.00
genre erotica, romance, poetry, photography
Politics & Paranoia by Robin Ramsay

Politics & Paranoia


From Britain's answer to Michael Moore, Lobster's formidable editor Robin Ramsay brings you: covert action, destabilisation, strategic theory, economics, politics, para-politics, Colin Wallace, Fred Holroyd, whistle blowers, New Zealand, Australia, nuclear weapons, Blair, Brown, espionage, MI5, MI6, CIA, 9/11, conspiracy theories, New Labour and much, much more.

author Robin Ramsay
ISBN No. 9780955610547
price £ 9.99
genre politics, economics, espionage