About Us

Welcome to Picnic Publishing. We are a new independent house called ‘Picnic’ because we believe we are offering reading treats to suit all. We are immensely proud of our inaugural 2008 – 2009 list offering fiction, non-fiction and children’s titles and are particularly grateful to the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) for the kindness and encouragement of its staff. Much to our excitement, it has put us forward for mentoring by one of the all time greats in the business, Faber.

It is fashionable to talk in terms of ‘challenges’ – and launching a new venture on a shoe-string just as recession bites is certainly this – but there is one we meet with absolute confidence. V S Naipul is reported to have said there are ‘no more great writers’. What nonsense. Our authors, artists and photographers are diverse, distinct and interesting people, their work second to none: the result is a cultural, visual, international, entertaining and imaginative mix. You can talk to them on our author’s blog link.

There are no brand messages in our titles. We provide books for readers, not products for consumers. We publish what interests us, including politics – and are not afraid to use the word. Our non-fiction is a mix of attitude and research. So is our fiction. Here a swipe at ‘the market’. For the most part, publishers are concentrating on non-fiction because globalised branding means relatively few new fiction writers can make it. In addition, much of the new fiction that is being published is targeted at the under-35s. At Picnic, we are not so ageist…

Unlike many an established house, we are not run on interns. This said, we are proud of ours and commend them and Sussex university where they are studying.